Hospitality industry assesses Brexit impact


Brexit has had a noticeable effect on over half hotel and conference venue businesses in the UK, according to events and hospitality association HBAA.

A survey among HBAA members shows 52% of hotels and conference venues have seen a noticeable impact from Brexit, with 7% saying it has had a major effect.

London respondents have seen an increase in enquiries from overseas as London becomes more affordable, however venues outside of London have not reported such benefits from the exchange rate.

Instead several said that it had increased the costs of imported food and beverages.

HBAA chairwoman Louise Goalen described the findings as a ‘snapshot’ of how the industry is coping almost a year after the Brexit vote.

One in five says Brexit has impacted their ability to recruit staff. The rest said Brexit has not had any effect – yet.

Foxhills Country Club & Resort director of sales Sally Raith-Riches said: “If we can’t recruit from Europe across our food and beverage departments this will have a severe impact.

“But until this is confirmed we will continue with business as usual.”

Sarova Hotels sales and marketing director Rajesh Vohra of commented: “Recruitment was a problem area before Brexit, but now it is a major issue, and it is getting materially worse by the day.”

Lea Marston Hotels sales and marketing director Philip Allsopp said: “Recruitment has been difficult for many years, I think the Brexit debate is masking the problem. We need to look at more creative ways to engage people to want to work in our industry.”

Wyboston Lakes managing director Mark Jones said: “Whilst we have not experienced any notable changes to date, we expect recruitment to become tougher as we end 2018 and enter 2019.

“At that time we do expect that recruitment policies will have to change and anticipate that if we are to continue attracting sufficient talent from the UK and worldwide, we will have to provide accommodation to facilitate this.”

source: TravelMole

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