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Booking a hotel or cancelling reservations? Tell Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Expedia.com has turned to Amazon Alexa for its first attempt into voice search, and now the OTA giant has launched the Expedia Action for the Google Assistant, which allows users to manage their travel plans with voice commands.

After linking their Expedia accounts to the Action, travellers can get personalised assistance such as access existing itineraries, check Expedia Rewards balances, book hotels and cancel reservations. Other functions which can be voice-enabled via Google Assistant include adding a rental car to an existing reservation and obtain packing list suggestions.

The Expedia Action is currently available in English and works on any device that supports the Google Assistant.

“We’re excited to innovate with ways to make travel planning easier, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. The market has seen rapid adoption of these new technologies within the past year and we want to make sure that Expedia customers are able to get the travel information they need, exactly when they need it. The Google Assistant is a step in that direction,” said Expedia’s Brent Harrison, vice president of product & technology.

source: TTG Asia